19th Arab Film Festival in Full Swing

Image courtesy of Arab Film Festival

Image courtesy of Arab Film Festival

The 19th Arab Film Festival is in Full Swing, with the opening night which just happened today Friday, Oct 17th. It debuted the with the screening of “From A to B” a hilarious roadtrip of three twenty something men, directed by Ali F. Mostafa

The production quality, storyline and acting all come together to make a film greater than the sum of its parts. Besides the humor there are plenty of reflective moments and without being preachy a commentary about some of the events going on in the mid-east, from the UAE, through Saudi Arabia, Syria and the final destination, Beirut.

For the next two weeks, every day there will be a film screening in either San Francisco, Berkeley, or Oakland, with live feature, documentary and shorts. You don’t have to be Arab to attend, as films like A to B are universal, although subtitled, some of the dialogue is actually in English. If you live in the south or East bay, best way to get there is by BART.

With all the political and social turbulence going on in the Middle East, the Arab Film Festival and the films they show are critical in providing a balanced view of Arab society and culture. For more information check out, http://www.arabfilmfestival.org/ 


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