Wabi Sabi Weddings and more: The pursuit of perfection beauty and happiness

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is not only a part of the United States Declaration of Independence, but a dream we as Americans aspire to. People are obsessed in attaining perfection not realizing that these moments even if attainable are fleeting and do not give the fulfillment or bliss that our culture promotes.From the perfect body, career, to the perfect partner, wedding, and of course children, the list goes on.

Cherien Dabis’ May in the Summer

Although everyone from ourselves, to family, friends and the media are constantly setting and reminding us about that perfect moment, we including the author forget that we are first humans, imperfect to the core. In the world of weddings, if we can let go of all (ok some of) the advice, and unattainable expectations, that can go a long way in allowing you, your spouse, family and guests to actually celebrate the event as opposed to putting on a Hollywood production. There is so much that happens in a wedding from the family dramas to the event logistics, we sometimes forget why we are there. Go ahead take a deep breath, take it all in, capture the sight, the emotions you want to hold onto forever.

Popular culture which dominates our visual senses wants us to be beautiful and timeless, regardless of our body type, age or circumstances. In exchange for money, time and your emotions it defines beauty, fashion, lust and love. It promotes bikini bodies and six-pack physiques that appear flawless. It is fascinated with people who can attain or give the appearance of having attained timeless beauty and perpetual youth. How sad, as being human means from the moment we are born, we are a living organism that ages every second, minute, and month of our lives. You don’t need to change your form, to be different. You don’t need to hide behind layers of makeup and wear plastic masks. To look beautiful you, or your family and friends do not need to go and have extreme makeovers. No need for face-altering  body-shaping surgery or piercing or tattoos.

Beyond the wedding, hopefully many of us will start and raise families. What will you pass on to the next generation, that life is all about looks, or about being compassionate, kind, generous, confident, compassionate, and resilient. Is it about aimlessly trying to please society or living life with a purpose?

Of the seven billion people on this planet there is only one you. You are more than your looks and accomplishments. The real you is the individual whose character and integrity are in harmony. One who is comfortable in growing in maturity and aging.









One thought on “Wabi Sabi Weddings and more: The pursuit of perfection beauty and happiness

  1. Fantastic article. We really do hold ourselves up to unreasonable beauty standards. This transcends race, gender, and even religion. I applaud you for writing this article and using my article as a source! Thank you 🙂

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