18th Arab Film Festival in Full Swing

Cherien Dabis’ May in the Summer

The 18th Arab Film Festival is in Full Swing, with the opening night which just happened today Friday, Oct 11th. It debuted the
with the screening of Cherien Dabis’ May in the Summer, a wonderful film that is both dramatic, humorous, and thoughtful. Cherien attended the screening and did both an introduction and Q&A afterwards. Although in her first film Amreeka, Ms.Dabis had only written and directed it, in May she besides Writing/Direction, is also the lead and central actor-character, which is a huge accomplishment.

The story stands on it’s own, however, the beautiful scenery in Jordan, adds to the films colorful characters. The subjects of inter-faith marriage as well as inter-race come into the story seamlessly. For the next two weeks, every day there will be a film screening in either San Francisco, Berkeley, or Oakland, with live feature, documentary and shorts. Sadly no screenings in the South bay, but it is well worth attending, even if you have to go by BART.

With all the political and social turbulence going on in the Middle East, the Arab Film Festival and the films they show are critical in providing a balanced view of Arab society and culture. For more information check out, http://www.arabfilmfestival.org/ 


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