44 Things I want to Pass onto my Children



  1. Apologize when you’re wrong.
  2. Ask Allah’s guidance through Istikhara and listen to your heart.
  3. Be a lifetime student. The days of I’m done with school are over.
  4. Be honest. It’s a lot less work than being dishonest.
  5. Be real. Be authentic, don’t try to live someone else’s life.
  6. Be trusting but remember sadly not everyone tells the truth.
  7. Better to be kind than right.
  8. Don’t be afraid of taking thoughtful risks.
  9. Don’t be cheap. Don’t give it, if you wouldn’t take it.
  10. Don’t judge peoples intentions. Forgive them, and ask God’s forgiveness for yourself.
  11. Eating out once in a while is a novelty and nice, but eating a good, fresh, homemade meal is awesome.
  12. Find something to be happy about every day.
  13. If you’ve given your word, deliver it, do it.
  14. In developed societies most (but not necessarily all) the laws are for the benefit of people at large. Follow the laws, be truthful, as any lie or deceit can come back to hurt you.
  15. In life to get something you have to give something.
  16. Don’t measure what you give, give unconditionally. You have to sacrifice in order to get the meaningful things in life or hereafter
  17. It’s okay to be mad or sad, but it’s no excuse to treat the people around you poorly.
  18. It’s good to know theory, but then you have to be able to translate it to real life. eg from recipe to an actual tasty dish.
  19. Life may not always appear to be fair, but Allah is the most just, and his time horizon and perspective is all encompassing.
  20. Life will take you through many detours, just remember to get back on track.
  21. Never take any relationship for granted. They all require nurturing.
  22. Never underestimate the value of touch. With family and friends (of same gender) a handshake, a touch on the shoulder, a neck rub or just a plain old hug goes a long way.
  23. No matter what mistakes you make in life, You can always count on God and your family.
  24. Other than familial, spousal relations, some relations run there course, move on.
  25. People are well, people. Human nature doesn’t change.
  26. People will always tell you how to live your life. Value varying opinions. In the end though decide what is best for you and your family.
  27. Rejection isn’t always about you. It’s good to reflect, if there are any trends or insights, if not move on.
  28. Respect yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself. Because if you don’t you won’t be able to respect, love or forgive others.
  29. Seek Counsel in important decisions.
  30. Some of the best gifts you can give to family or friend, don’t need much money. They just need your time, attention, thought and kind words to show that you care.
  31. Stand up for yourself and what you want.
  32. There are some givens in life, like God and gravity. For the rest a lot of our norms and cultural or political beliefs, are things we should question
  33. There will always be consequences, whether you’ve made a bad choice or a good choice or no choice at all.
  34. Trust your gut, you can walk away from someone if something doesn’t feel right.
  35. Value and respect all people, no matter their station in life. Treat others as you would want to be treated.
  36. Want to be the happiest person on earth? Be content with what you have, and be in the service of others, starting with your own family and relatives.
  37. We all need something more important than our own lives to live for, beyond a house, car, job, vacation,…
  38. Wether it be the customer service agent on the phone or the janitor in your office, learn peoples names and acknowledge them.
  39. What is Success? Being Muslim, it is a simple Prophetic explanation, avoiding hell, and entering paradise. Don’t let material success sideline you, away.
  40. When in a conflict it’s okay to agree that you disagree. It is rare that you will change another’s point of view.
  41. Whenever you get into a comfort zone, challenge yourself. There is nothing worse than living a life of monotony, without meaning.
  42. Work hard and excel in the important parts of your life.
  43. You are beautiful. What makes you beautiful, is not only things that make you, you, it is the inner glow, and kindness and generosity that make your eyes sparkle.
  44. You have self worth, no matter what your station in life. God has created each of us for a purpose, it is up to us over a life time to discover what it is.

Any you would like to add, please comment below?










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